King John

By William Shakespeare

June 30th, July 6th, July 8th,  July 12th*, July 14th*, July 19th, July 21st, July 27th*, and July 29th*      

*Denotes Matinee 2:00 PM; Evening performances at 7:30 PM

King John is the intriguing story of one of the most dramatic period’s in England’s history—the brief reign of King John. The play deals with John’s unfortunate decisions and his human shortcomings, royal infighting about who is the rightful heir to the throne, and the political and social unrest during King John’s reign. Most people remember King John for being forced to sign the Magna Carta, or as the “bad king” who opposed Robinhood, but Shakespeare ignores both of those stories to depict the fall of a weak king and the rise of a stronger one. The play is full of surprises and memorable characters, and it offers our audience a chance to see a rare performance of one of Shakespeare’s “hidden gems.”




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