Festival Spaces

The Festival Center

The Festival Center is a 24,000 square foot building located just off the Kilgore College Campus at 815 Houston Street.

It was built in the 1970′s to serve as the home for the Region VII Educational Service Center.   When Region VII moved to a larger building across town, it was transferred to Kilgore College and sat vacant, used only for occasional storage, until the College offered the space to the Texas Shakespeare Festival. 

It is a block from the performance space and a block from Festival housing.

The first floor of the Festival Center contains the breakfast area, a small prep kitchen, the Costume Shop, period costume storage, the properties shop and storage, mail and copier room, Festival archives, and offices for the Managing Director, Festival Associates, Vocal Director, and Stage Management.

On the second floor is a large rehearsal space, a classroom, lounge and break area, study room, movement studio, and design studios.

Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center

The Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center, located on the campus of Kilgore College, houses the performance space, the Artistic Director’s office, Stratford Room gift shop, Ticket Office, show props storage, electrics department, office space for the Technical Director and Master Electrician, and the scene and painting shop.

Van Cliburn Auditorium

The Van Cliburn Auditorium, a comfortable and intimate indoor theatre, is located in the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center and is the primary performance space for the Texas Shakespeare Festival.  Built in the 1960′s, the VCA is a flexible proscenium stage with 195 seats and a padded bench at the back for overflow.

It has a performance space that measures approximately 30 x 30; contains a fly loft with 26 line sets; a trap center stage; and an stage apron built over an orchestra pit.   It has limited wing space both right and left.   Stage left there is a double door leading into the small scene shop area.

The VCA has a walk-able light balcony around the theatre and a new dimmer and light board.  The light inventory is varied and contains both lights from the VCA and the Festival inventory.

Festival Shops

Scene Shop: The small scene shop is located behind the performance space and is adequately supplied. Due to the large amount of scenery needed for the four-show season, most of the build takes place on stage and outside on the patio next to the loading dock.

The Festival does not have a painting studio space.  The painting for the season takes place on stage, in the small scene shop, and on a patio area outside the loading dock area of the theatre. The painting budget, like all other Festival budgets, is small and is included in the scenery budget for the season.

Costume Shop: The Festival’s costume shop is a large room on the first floor of the Festival Center.   It includes seven sewing and four serger stations, industrial iron station, and four cutting tables.  It also includes a large fitting room, shop supervisor office, craft area, and raw fabric storage. Also in the Festival Center, across the hall from the costume shop, is the Festival’s period costume storage area. 

Properties Shop: The Festival’s properties shop is located on the first floor of the Festival Center.   There is a small prop storage space adjacent to the shop and another larger storage space located a block from the Festival Center.  There is also a small hand props storage area located in the basement of the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center.


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