NEW AUDITION PROCESS - Please read all instructions before submitting matierals.

In order to be assigned a personal audition time, actors must first submit an electronic audition, either a DVD or an online video. You may use any video venue you choose as long as you remember to unlock it or send us the password to it. 

Once you've made your video, fill out the Audition Submission Form. This form allows you to upload your headshot, resume, and a link to your video audition. 
If making a DVD, mail the disc along with your headshot and resume to:
TSF Auditions 1100 Broadway Blvd. Kilgore, TX 75662
Your Video
-two Shakespearean monologues, one of which must be in verse; 
-one OPTIONAL monologue from a contemporary play or a play with heightened language (Moliere, Shaw, Sheridan, etc.); 
-at least 32 bars of an appropriate song from a musical (something traditional such as Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Lowe -- not from more contemporary musicals such as Rent, In the Heights, Hamilton). For your convenience we have provided sample Accompaniment Tracks and Sheet Music from Carousel.
-a brief "interview" in which you introduce yourself and provide some information about your training and experience and anything else you choose to include.
-both a close-up and a full-body shot to provide an accurate and current image of your appearance.
Your Headshot & Resume
-your email address;
-a daytime phone number;
-your height and weight;
-your comfortable vocal singing range, stated in notes -- high to low.
PLEASE NOTE: The video will serve as your preliminary audition. If we decide to offer you a personal audition time, we will contact you, and we may ask you to prepare something more specific for us to see. Otherwise, you should repeat in person your online pieces.
Notes & Tips
  • Preferred formats are YouTube, Vimeo, or MPF HTML5 compatible files.
  • It must be an AUDITION video. Do not link to clips from performances or reels. 
  • Please make sure the video is HIGH quality and that we can see you clearly.
  • Please make sure the sound quality of your video is good and that we can hear you clearly.
  • Please make sure the lighting is good and that we can see you clearly.
  • The audition must include two Shakespearean monologues, one in verse (not a Sonnet), and 32 bars of an appropriate song for the season.
  • The order in which you present your material is up to you.
  • DO NOT SING A CAPELLA. You must include some form of accompaniment. Do not accompany yourself. 
  • Make sure we can hear your voice clearly above your accompaniment.
  • The song must be presented on video - not as an audio file.
  • Show your video to someone- friends, teachers, or coaches- before submitting.
  • For a YouTube submission the privacy setting for the video is set to either Public (the default) or Unlisted.
  • For a Vimeo submission the privacy setting must be set to Anyone (the default).



The Texas Shakespeare Festival 2016 Acting Company will consist of 12 men and 5 women and an Acting Intern Company of 5 men and 2 women. Seeking actors with classical and musical training, or experience, to work in a true rotating repertory ensemble.  Actors are cast in at least 3 of the 5 shows.

All female positions are required to be able to sing.

All male positions must be able to sing in an ensemble.

Actors receive $350 per week, private dorm housing, fourteen meals a week, and limited travel reimbursement. Acting Interns receive $125 a week, shared dorm housing, and fourteen meals a week for a ten week contract.  Actors perform no technical duties other than full company strike.







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